Writing a Will - Guide to Professional Wills

Professionally written wills are more likely to stand up against any future challenge to your decisions. A solicitor will also advise you on how to protect your assets

Writing a Will - Guide to Professional Wills

Example: Arthur is in his mid 80s and is married to Betty who is 77. Both have been married before and have survived their spouses. They also have children and grandchildren from their first marriages. Arthur and Betty live in a large house worth £600,000 registered in Arthur’s sole name. Arthur also has savings of around £300,000. Betty has savings of £100,000. Each has a small pension income.

For Authur and Betty, they wanted a professionally written Wil and Testament to ensure that after their death, their joint assetts were distributed how they wanted them to be. Professionally written wills are more likely to stand up against any challenge to your Will.

When there is a task to perform we try first to do it ourselves. 
Few of us would choose to spend money on legal fees if we did not have to, but where a will is concerned saving money by writing a DIY will may be false economy if you get it worng. There are many issues to consider when you make your will.

Our guide to professional wills should help you to make an informed decision.

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